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30g Micro Gel Screen Cleaning Kit
Item Number : SK/TU30G/MC
Screen_Size : phone tablet
4CLEAN 30g Micro Gel Screen Cleaning Kit included
- 1x 30g tube of Micro Gel Screen cleaner.
- 1x 20x20cm High Quality Microfiber coth. 
-Unique Micro Gel formula approved by COLTS laboratories U.S.A test.
-After 4,000 Times circle wiping no scratch tested by COLTS Laboratories USA.
-Best performance to remove dusts and fingerprints.
-Alcohol & Ammonia Free.
-Safety for all kinds of screen.
-Perfect for all kind of small size screen such as PDA ,iPhone, iPad, cell phone, GPS.
-Personalize it with your company's info printed on the bottle.
-Made in Taiwan. 
It’s the Perfect Cleaning Solution for all your cleaning need and not only clean , also helps prevent bacterial growth and maintains a healthy working environment. The best Cleaning Partner when you are travel on board! 
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